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In the name of god most gracious most merciful
We would like to thank you’ all , as a representative of myself and members of the board of the Union of Owners of private Medical Professions , for your kind & precious support , participation , your active voting and advices

We will work together always to achieve our goals by avoiding individual actions , or obtain personal benefits Rather, we must mobilize our all resources and energies , and welcome all seriously different opinions and approaches to achieve our best interests

We should benefit and stand from our expert colleagues in this sector to share with us ideas , solving important obstacles and demands , to study and suggest ways to solve it , for seek of our demands, our country and our future generations . especially during what pandemic COVID 19 caused to most of us , as a working market , atomosphere, and side effects .

Certainly, we will face some difficulties that we can be able to overcome only by being United and joined together , , it is our responsibility to defend your rights and certainly, to introduce change in the union and activate it as a strong and independent entity.

Thank you .. and thank you for trusting in us
Allah bless you all

Dr.. Essam Al-Saleh
President of the union of owners of Medical Professions
Main objectives of the Union

- To protect the rights and interests of its members, organization and sponsors.

- To enhance the cooperation and coordination among the medical professionals of private hospitals, medical and dental centers, private clinics and laboratories.

- To assist members for the use of latest medical and laboratory equipment’s and technology.

- Appreciate human values among the members and upgrading the level of medical and laboratory professionals and standing against any type of commercializing these professions.

- To overcome the doctor’s problems associated with the Ministry of Health and other official regulatory bodies.
Our Members

Members of the Union are the owners of various private sector medical institutions, doctors as following:

- The owners of private clinics or doctors in the private sector (general practitioners and dentists).

- The owners of any private medical centers such as physiotherapy centers, dental centers, diagnostic radiation centers.

- The owners of private laboratories (General Medical laboratories and Dental Laboratories).

- The owners of private hospitals.
Contact Us

Sabah Al Salem, Block 3, Street 3, Administration Building of Taiba Hospital - 3rd floor